Friday, January 04, 2008

Good Morning

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"Here's looking at you!" ;-) What a great photograph.

I know you know your butterflies (I thought I was pretty good at it, but now I know I'm "fair.")

How about birds? Guess what I saw yesterday morning? You don't have to guess, I'll tell you! A male Eastern Rufous-sided Towhee! I'd never seen one before. I just made a little posting.
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Shady... I really like towhees. we have one that nests every year down by the pond, and in the afternoons serenades us with "Drink your tea..."
How majestic and gorgeous!
I think I'd better start persuating my husband to buy some land with a pond so I can seriously garden and live with some creatures when I retire.
Being serenaded by towhees..... hmmm.
Sounds wonderful!
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