Sunday, January 27, 2008

Garden Microclimates... Pluses And Minuses

Our garden lies at the upper end of a small, south-facing and south-sloping valley, with a four acre pond filling the bottom of the valley. The pond keeps us a little cooler in summer, warmer in early winter, but colder in mid-winter through spring... a draw. South-facing means we are hotter in summer but warmer in winter... now this would be a draw too, unless you love elepidote (big-leaved) rhododendrons. The blinding sunlight of late winter, with snow on the ground, and the soil still frozen solid is like putting your rhodys in the microwave every day... not recommended.
I hadn't planned on expanding our one acre garden, but I've made an exception for the rhododendrons; last fall I moved the deer fence along the east boundary to allow me to plant rhododendrons on a steep slope protected somewhat from the winter afternoon sun. In addition to being on a slope, there is a four foot tall yew hedge along the lip of the ravine giving this area some extra afternoon shade. I will, of course, also therefore have some winter wind protection, too. The slope is so steep that I'm going to build terraced beds with square-cut timbers.
After this, I'm absolutely done expanding the garden... really.
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great pictures!
:-) ,
Maybe done expanding, but I'm sure you will always find something to upgrade, move, plant, etc...
Gardening will never be done, especially for you!
I don't believe for a minute that you're done expanding. Maybe for the next couple of years, but then you'll probably become enamoured of some other woody plant & have to find a home for a bunch of them. Terraced beds sounds like a great idea for the new area. Good luck with it.
This time I mean it :)
what fine Rhododendron.
Do you have the names on them?
I just start to bye Rhododendron.
I think they are beautiful all the year.
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. You have an extensive sounding project in mind. Today was a beautiful day for walking around those future plots. I don't know about yours, but today my yard is suffering from a bad case of "mud-itis!" ;-)
Piondrom... off-hand, I think at top is Tapestry, then Nova Zembla, then Helsinki University. The last I'm not sure of. You'd probably do well with the "Finnish" rhododendrons.

Shady... we're suffering from "ice & snow-itis" here.

Yeah, sure you're done. I said that last fall, too. I lied and so are you. :-p
Kylee... this time I mean it! :o)
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