Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Bargain Basement Garden Sophistication

Like a lot of other gardeners who've looked at one too many garden picture books, I've got a lot of big ideas about my own modest plot, envisioning it as one of those ancient English gardens, full of moss-stained statues and old brickwork. The trouble is, those things don't come cheap... and as they used to say, I have caviar tastes on a hamburger budget.
Therefore, meet the three foot tall Pan that greets visitors just as they enter our garden; what you don't see is that he has a small defect behind his left ankle, where, when it was made, a bubble got trapped in the mold. Because of this, the price... ten dollars, bought at the end of the season clearance sale.
The Pan looks just fine to me, as do all the rest of my bargain baby garden ornaments... besides, I happen to know that Vita Sackville-West of Sissinghurst Garden fame, was actually as tight as a drum.

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oh.....I thought it was champagne tastes on a beer budget
Champagne gives me a headache ;o)
I've enjoyed reading your blog and looking at the pictures of your garden. I really like your bargain statue, it looks lovely in your garden.
As far as large statuary, I keep thinking I should go find a big rock and start carving! But big rocks are heavy... sigh.

On another note, perhaps you could mask Pan's "Achilles heel" with a little moss? There are a variety of ways to make it grow. ;-)

Sounds like you're "going south" soon!
I think it's great that you got such a criteria for garden decor requires that it be a deal...full price is for plants (although bargains are best here too) and some garden tools. Actually, it makes your statue special.
What a great deal on a great statue! I have to disagreed with Shady Gardener about the large rocks - around here they're more expensive than sculpture. In Chicagoland, a great place to get cheap garden sculptures is at the Design Toscano annual warehouse sale. I had to stop going because my garden isn't large enough to accomodate all that garden art.
So... where in Chicago is this warehouse? Sounds great!! There are times and places I can sometimes find rocks lying around. But I can only carry home what I can lift.
What a find! I love it!
Shady Gardener - Design Toscano's warehouse is in Elk Grove Village, IL, near the Kennedy expressway. I seem to recall the sale is in May. If I get a postcard notification about it, I'll let you know.
Robin... you are very seet!

Shady... On Saturday, I'm out of here!

Leslie... almost all of my garden "stuff" was bought on sale.

MMD & Shady... I have several statues from Toscano.
I'd LOVE to hear about the sale! (We are actually planning a trip into Elmhurst in May.) I'd bet my sister-in-law would help me get there. Thanks!

iboy - Have a wonderful trip! MMD is going to Florida, too. I'll hold down the midwest as best as possible. ;-)
You could send a postcard! ha.
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