Tuesday, January 29, 2008

An Appreciation Of Weigelas

If I had a bigger garden, I'd plant more weigelas; I'd have rows and mounds and groves of them, blooming in white, red, and pink... everywhere you'd turn in May, the cardinal shrubs would be cascading with flowers... if I had a bigger garden.
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I agree that weigelas, as well as rhododendrons and azaleas are wonderful! And I'd plant more berry bushes for the birds too, but my husband warns me not to go too crazy with planting undergrowth because we're "rural" and must probably contend, hopefully in the distant future, with replacement of a septic system. (And it will already be a challenge to get into our backyard, as it is, due to the flower beds I've created.) Someday I may be an "unhappy camper." :-\
Shady... I think what we need is a garden and a gardener (I'd be great at giving directions).
I'd take direction anytime. But
someday we'll probably be in another home because this is really "high-maintenance" out here and I'll probably wear out on leaf raking, shredding, etc. after awhile. Then I'll look forward to an in-town lot with a real yard that I can do anything anywhere in! And I'll take all the direction anyone wants to give me! Thanks! :-)
Shady... Boy, I can tell you this is my last move... or at least my last move with a garden!
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