Sunday, January 20, 2008

And Hostas...

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:-), :-), :-),......hahahah..
They do look very lush and green in January!
Is that garden angel on the left wearing sun glasses?
That is so like you.(That is even though I don't know you much yet.)
dl... Ha! I never noticed the cherub's "cool" appearance... it's just a branch. I will confess occasionally a can of beer ends up sitting on its head.
That's a lot of "linoleum" you have on your spread.... What are you saying with all these pics?
Benjamin... just showin' the linoleum. This winter is just the absolute pits here, so it's nice to look back at last spring. I'm REALLY looking forward to Mexico.
Your hosta are just beautiful and they want to help you move into those nice, cool, shady spots! ;-)
They may be horticultural linoleum, but those leaves are so beautiful, especially when not seen as individual plants in a catalog but all friendly and mixed up in your landscape.

Hostas don't do well in Austin, Don - this is some swell garden porn for January.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose
Shady & Annie... you know, I ought to go count how many different hostas there are in the garden (a lot were moved from previous gardens, gifts, etc., so not all have labels).. but probably have 150 or so.
That's Wonderful! I don't know how many different varieties I have... but it's not that many! (yet!) ;-)
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