Thursday, December 20, 2007

Now They've Gone Too Far...

I may seem pretty mild-mannered but we all have our limits, and let me tell you, this time the taxonomists have gone too far! I just learned on Ki's blog MucknMire that the taxonomists have moved our native sharp-lobed hepatica (Hepatica acutiloba) to the genus anemone. I went along with them when they lumped Hepatica americana, acutiloba, and japonica, all into Hepatica nobilis; I was very nice about it, and just changed all my labels. But now they've moved acutiloba, and are in the process of moving all of nobilis, into the anemones, with rumblings that they'll be back for the rest, so the genus hepatica will disappear. Well, I say, who asked them?? Why don't they go analyze some chick-peas or something, and leave the charming little hepaticas (who've never harmed anyone) alone? I'm NOT making up another set of labels.
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Any reasons for this action? Do they hepaticas act like anemones? (The lone anemone that I have spreads like crazy!) And that's "shady!" ;-)
It's DNA.
So, tell us how you really feel.:) Think of it this way, learning all these new names is good for your brain, learning new things keeps it young. (But you don't have to change your labels if you don't want to.)
MMD... I just think horticulture will be the poorer for losing the genus hepatica, and who will gain? Plus labels aren't cheap...
Oh man, I HATE it when they do that. I really do.
Those liver lilied taxonomists, sneaking changes without review or comment ;)

Lovely photo!
Hear hear! MY hepaticas will remain just that, so I guess that makes them an elite group all their own! Hrumph!
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