Tuesday, December 18, 2007

New Blood

With Iowa completely encased in ice then covered by snow and no relief in sight, cabin fever is setting in already, and the first day of winter doesn't show up on our frozen doorstep until Saturday. This time of year, before the new garden catalogues start showing up, I always drag out stacks of books by the best garden writers. However, as the years have gone by, I can almost quote some of these well-worn books from memory... it's time for some new blood. Reading a new book of garden literature is rather like going on a blind date; I may fall in love, or I may dump the author after the first chapter and get a beer out of the fridge... even when buying classic books that have been loved by generations of gardeners, it's still a crap shoot.
Depending on the winter from here on out, I may read all of the new books or only a couple... any that I complete, I'll review here. I need to check and see if Liz left any of the bag of potato chips, and then I'm plopping down on the couch in front of the big windows that look out over the woods and the pond, so I can watch the deer while I start to read The Invisible Garden .
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I'll look forward to the reviews. I have a big project this winter that will take a lot of time, but somewhere in the midst of it, there should be a time to put the feet up and read!!! :-) I'm not good about allowing my self to settle down...
I recently purchased the Marranca anthology--so I'd prefer if you read that first and tell me if it's worth a go....
Shady... I hear you; I just don't seem to have (or make) the time to read a lot anymore.

Benjamin... I already started three of the other books (I'm kind of hyperactive and usually read at least two books at a time), but I've already finished one and have just started the anthology, and it's looking very promising.
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