Wednesday, December 05, 2007

In Praise Of Disorder

I've always loved the concept of discovery in gardens; not knowing what lies around the next turn in the garden path or even behind the next shrub. I like the same concept on the smaller scale of discovering a multitude of little treasures in each flower bed; it makes for an untidy but interesting garden. To that end, I've planted small bulbs and woodland ephemerals everywhere, which are slowly spreading around at their whim. My garden doesn't have the grand vistas and landscaping that will place it on the cover of Fine Gardening magazine (or even on the back page), but I'd rather poke around in a little nook that has creamy pink hellebores and clumps of snow white twinleafs surrounded by waves of soft lilac wood anemones and sky blue scillas.
Disorder can be a good thing in gardens.
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I'm with you on that 1. My gardening philosophy is also garden anarchy. By allowing the little plants to spread where they will, it is a small echo of nature.
You said it well, Don - we won't get those pleasant or interesting surprises unless we can give up some of the control.

Your hellebores combination is the proof.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose
I don't know that I've ever consciously placed any two plants together for purposes of landscaping, but a lot of stuff turned out pretty neat anyway. I do get the occasional chartreuse-leaved shrub with pink flowered daylilies next to it, too.
Embrace the chaos! :)
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