Sunday, December 30, 2007

Garden Re-Runs

Iowa is not like the snow belt of New England; we don't routinely get ten feet of snow each winter... but this winter here is certainly no slouch in the snow department. Christmas is just fading in the rear view mirror and it's already getting difficult to figure out where to pile the white stuff. The first snowdrops of the new gardening year often bloom in the first weeks of January, though it can be as late as the end of February; this year it will be hard to tell, as they'll be under two feet of snow. Maybe it's time to reflect back on springs past; skies full of billowy, white clouds; songbirds singing in every treetop; and garden pathways meandering up and down hill through clumps of bright mauve rhododendrons and spring flower foliage in every shade of green... it's time for garden re-runs! Until the snowdrops open their ghostly little bells, I'll show some scenes from a warmer, gentler world, where spring never ends... my computer's picture files.
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Ahh.....thanks for the reruns, I have been saving my Reiman Garden photos for the long winter months.
Don, a little memory of warmer times is definitely worthy! I have a post going up on the 3rd about my tromp through the snow out to the compost bin, which is less attractive with every snowfall. Aargh. This has been an awful lot of snow!
Great collection of snow! And we've only just begun. :-)
IGG... I kep meaning to make it to Reiman, and it just hasn't happened.

I think we're finally going to get some melting this weekend. I am just sick of the snow.
Shady... pray for an early spring!
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