Friday, December 28, 2007

Family Portrait

Last summer I wrote about a tiny, motherless fawn (that we named 'Sweetheart') which showed up at our back door one day, and which was really too small to likely survive on her own, but fortunately was then taken in by a doe who already had two older fawns of her own. They've all survived and thrived; all the fawns have grown and lost their spots now... here are the two older, sibling deer in back, Mom, and in front, Sweetheart.
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They all came out to wish you a "Happy and healthy new year !" as a family.
What a wonderful creature.
I bet you were delighted to see them.
Happy End for Sweetheart!
Wish you a Happy New Year!!!
I think Sweetheart recognizes you. :) And who says that animals to not have compassion?
I do take more than a little interest in sweetheart's well-being.
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