Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Critter's Garden...

Our woodland garden is, of necessity, fenced in (or should I say triple fenced) so that it avoids the fate of being a deer buffet. However, the rest of our woods is left for the critters; this is the upper part of one of the ravines, with a nice little seep at the bottom which empties into the pond below. These ravines are densely shady and cool in the summer, and protected from freezing winds in the winter, with running water almost year around. A lot of shyer birds of the deeper woods live here in the nesting season, like wood thrushes, vireos, and towhees, which serenade our garden on warm summer evenings.Considering the continuing loss of habitat in our rapidly growing county, the resident critters are pretty lucky to have such a nice spot to live, but we are luckier...
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Now I understand how you can feed the deer - you've made a fortress around your woods! What lucky critters to live by you.
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