Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thanksgiving Snowdrop

For the last several years, this little snowdrop has bloomed in November; it is in a patch of Galanthus elwesii bulbs, but at first I thought it must be one of the fall-blooming species of galanthus that somehow got mixed in with elwesii (which blooms January-February, depending on the winter). After some research, I found that it was a naturally occurring late-fall blooming variety of elwesii. The first time it bloomed, it looked very fragile and kind of sick. Last year it looked a little better, but it hadn't reappeared this year, so I assumed it was either a goner, or it had made up its mind to bloom in early spring like all of the other snowdrops. Today, as I was taking a quick look around the garden before it gets buried in our first snow, there it was, blooming as if nothing was unusual. I marvel at its jaunty demeanor in the face of on-coming winter, but it also makes me cringe a little.
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It's lovely ... moreso b/c of the backdrop.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Don.
These Thanksgiving flowers are such a treat. Last year I had a Thanksgiving hellebore. This year it was a little cyclamen. Snowdrops are special, however because they really do portend the spring, a sometime difficult concept when you have the first snowfall.
Thanks for this picture and the pictures all year.
Happy Thanksgiving.
I wasn't aware that there was an early-blooming variety of G. elwesii - how great! I never worry about them; I've dug under the snow & found them blooming unscathed.
My, I'm learning a lot about things I've never experienced! :-)
Of course, the question is, is this the first snowdrop or the last???
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