Thursday, November 08, 2007

Oshio-Beni... Red In Any Language

Acer palmatum Oshio-Beni (Beni is Japanese for 'red'), is an old-line, bushy-upright Japanese maple, that is fairly bright purple-red in the spring, and fire engine red in the fall. It's not too bad on hardiness (I've had modest twig die-back in some pretty rugged winters) and my trees are about twelve feet tall, which is pretty much full growth. It takes a fair amount of sun but certainly appreciates a little bit of shelter from winter's winds (though mine are in the open garden).
This hybrid has been around over a hundred years, and has stood the test of time.
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WOW, how beautiful !
Reminds me of gloriouse autumn days in my native country Korea.
Do you still need a FREE volunteer worker to dig up a trench or something?
I'd love to stroll around your garden in break time. :-)
By the way, what kind of tree is the purple one ?
I need a free volunteer to do EVERYTHING, so I can eat potato chips and watch t.v.
The purple is a monkshood growing behind the maple.
You mean to say that you prefer eating potato chips and watch t.v..over a stroll around this gorgeous garden? Hard to believe !!
I can almost feel the frolicking angel's delight in your autumn garden.
Thank's for sharing.
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