Saturday, November 10, 2007


One of four piles...
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Ooftah! Will you be working with these yet this FAll??? Don't forget to sit down once in awhile!
Yah, all for this fall; actually this is a slow fall in the garden, because I've really been busy with other stuff, especially working over at the nature preserve.
Now you're scaring me with the piles of those bags of peat moss and top soil... It seems like it's going to take a weeeek to finish what you have in mind. You didn't really expect a volunteer worker to come over. Did you?
I feel bad because I meant to be funny. :-)
Were you really planning on sitting around to eat potato chips and watch T.V. while a novice messes up your wonderful, beautiful garden ?
Delighted... so you won't be over this afternoon?? :)
You bet I’d love to come over this afternoon to help (?) you prepare for the winter, only if I lived in Iowa City! It’s too far from Texas where I live. I’ve never thought about owning a private jet, but I see a need now. Hmmmm. ……But for now, you’ll have to settle for this greetings from Texas.
By the way, I know that some Austin garden bloggers gather once a month or so to help with each other’s garden projects. They call themselves “The Divas of Dirt”. After a breakfast at the hostess’/host’s house, they get the work done!
And Pam, who has a garden blog at www., says on her September 28th blog about her blog friends’ meeting. “Recently, the Austin garden bloggers stepped out of the anonymity of cyberspace to meet and visit each other’s gardens in person. Although our ages span five decades, our interest in plants — which Stevens characterizes as fanatical “in the same sense that (garden-columnist) Henry Mitchell used it: anyone to whom gardening is something more than mere yard work” — overcomes any differences. Whether talking plant sales, swapping divisions or just hanging out, the group shares a friendship that’s rooted in our common interest in writing about gardening.”
Gives you any ideas?
Enjoy your fall and don’t work too hard.
DL...boy, they'd be sorry if they came to my house! Breakfast would be peanut butter toast, and after a day here, half of them would be in traction. Just got done moving a six foot juniper with a root ball the size of a Volkswagen.
Let me know if you have any excess energy. I could use a bottle of it next Spring! ;-)
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