Thursday, November 15, 2007

Never Too Many Birches...

There's an old saying that you can never have too many birches in your garden (well, I guess it's not really an old saying, since I just made it up). Nevertheless it's true, especially in the late fall, when the low-angled sun lights them up against the background of dead leaves and somber evergreens. I have a shadowy, deep ravine that cries out for a large clump of snow white birches, but that's another project that's never quite gotten off the ground. Oh well, if wishes were fishes we'd all have plenty to eat... now THAT'S an old saying!
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I haven't heard that "if wishes were fishes" one for AGES! It made me smile. :-)
We used to have a paperbark birch in our yard, but it died years ago. I really really want another one, but my husband doesn't. He said they don't do well here, but I'd sure like to try again. We do have a clump of young river birch.
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