Monday, November 26, 2007

The Mature Garden... And Gardener

People ask how long I've been gardening here; that's kind of a difficult question to answer because there was so much to do here when we first moved in, that the garden began rather tentatively and slowly. However, this maple was a little seedling that I stuck in the ground in the early garden.
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Ah! I understand. The place we left behind when we moved here was the home we made when we First came to town 28 1/2 years ago. And 27 1/2 years ago we planted our trees. By the time we'd lived there about 20 years, the Little Leaf Linden had finally grown taller than the roof of the house (ranch style) and The ash in the backyard took about 16 years, or so, to poke over the top of the roof from behind. So... history can provide good, satisfying feeling!

You've "done good!" ;-)
How wonderful to live in, and care for, one place long enough to see such changes.

Especially with trees, I can only see the garden in my mind. Over the summer I was able to visit the East Village garden I had to leave more than 15 years ago. I was able to see how the paperbark maple I had planted has grown into a magnificent specimen tree. An unusual experience for urban dwellers, who rarely have enough space to garden with trees, and move too often to see the resulrs the efforts.
You know, I've got three previous gardens, and I learned not to ever go back and (cringe) look at them.
you are an inspiration to me.
I feel overwhelmed and discouraged when I look at my garden, but I will go on with your sentence. "The garden began rather tentatively and slowly."
And I will keep enjoying your garden while I work on mine.
Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.
I've learned a lot already and keep learning.
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