Friday, November 02, 2007

Garden Project # Lebendy- Eight...

Growing small woodland primrose species is a minor gardening passion of mine; a passion not terribly compatible with Iowa summers that all too often are hot and dry. I've decided to try an experiment in growing them, by sinking a forty gallon plastic stock tank (with one small drainage hole drilled into the bottom) in the ground, then filling it with very rich, but loose, well-draining soil. I hope to give my primroses a consistently moister root run with this setup. Of course, now the little primulas will probably decide they want a shower, not a tub.
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I saw that tub and thought you'd begun work on your bubbling brook!

Lucky primroses. I tried them right after we moved here, but they didn't like the dry spot I gave them. You have give a great hint on what they like. Perhaps I'll try again.

Maybe it will be George that requests that shower.
Oops, I meant babbling brook! Although babbling might mean it's bubbling as well. :-)
Wow, what a great effort only for a few plants -- I must admit, I would be much too lazy for this. If plants don't grow in my garden they usually don't get a second chance. ;)
I'll be watching your project with great interest: if it works for you, I might try it in my very well-drained soil.
I can't wait to see the flower bed filled with full of beautiful primroses and I do hope they like their place and grow well.
What a preparation !
I thought last Friday's work was enough for you for the season, but here you go again!
I am just grateful that I only have to come along to enjoy your garden. :-)
You know, that's going to be fabulous when they're all cozy and happy in the tub. Love your 'shower' comment. LOL. The great thing about your setup is they'll have their cake and can eat it too! (baths with a shower now and then!)
Shady...Bubbling, babbling... it's still all in my big ideas, so either works.

Corinna... Well, I'd save a lot of time and money if I'd follow your philosophy.

MMD... I'll have a followup next year.

Delighted... well, there goes my dream of volunteer helpers, I guess :)

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