Friday, November 23, 2007

Found Treasure

This morning I found a nice big seedhead lying on the ground; it is from Arisaema ringens, a cobra lily or jack in the pulpit from eastern Asia. This is a very vigorous, easily grown arisaema... perhaps the easiest of all Asian species. The floral structures are short and blunt, as is the seedhead. The seeds are now tucked into the dark, wet soil, so I hopefully will have lots of baby cobras next spring.
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My mom had a huge seedhead on her Jack-in-the Pulpit and she said I could have it. I forgot to take it home with me on Thanksgiving, but I'll be back to get it. :-) I just love these and had one of my own this spring, but it didn't go to seed.
Kylee... they grow pretty easy from seed, but do take a while to get to blooming size.
The way I look at it, it's free seed. And I've got a few years left in me. LOL.
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