Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Ah, Life...

On this unseasonably warm November evening, I wandered the garden paths in the deepening dusk; as I then sat on one of the benches on a hill overlooking the pond, the sky slowly turned first to fiery orange, then to soft pink and deep cobalt blue with a sliver moon. On the west ridge, the resident barred owl awoke and hooted down the valley, just for the joy of it. I am truly besotted with life and the beauty of this small, quiet wooded valley in eastern Iowa.
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I know that sky and that moon. I was driving back from Des Moines at dusk and that was it. Driving across relatively flat Iowa allows you to see the sky in its 360 degree glory. Thank you for your pictures.
Wow. It doesn't get much prettier than that. We see a lot of the same kind of skies here and as philip mears said, the flat terrain lets you see it ALL at once. (Flat as a pancake here in northwest Ohio!)
we've had some really nice sunsets this fall (unfortunately because it's been VERY dry).
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