Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Tricyrtis Key Lime Pie

Yet another Tricyrtis affinis clone that grows in a shady part of our garden is Tricyrtis Key Lime Pie. This plant also primarily is grown for its foliage, as the flowers are a small afterthought, but the foliage is quite something: light green with a jagged darker grey-green stripe down the middle of each leaf, and green spots. It grows two foot tall here and three foot tall for others (this particular affinis selection seems to struggle a bit with winters here). It's rather stiffly upright, so could use some thought in placement, which I haven't provided it, since my plant is growing next to a silver-leafed pulmonaria, which it towers over... maybe there's a reason Fine Gardening magazine has never called about doing a photo spread on our garden.
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I spotted a pulmonaria in this photo! I have a "Lightning Strikes" toad lily that is nice and tall and is flowering well. Guess that's a good one for me...
Those leaves look like watermelons ... ;-)
... the Key Lime Pie leaves are quite striking. I'll have to be on the watch for more of these plants, thanks to you!
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