Monday, October 22, 2007

Tricyrtis Eco Gold Spangles

This toad lily is a hybrid between Tricyrtis flava and bakeri, released by the Eco Gardens Nursery in Georgia. The yellow flowered toad lilies in general all start in our garden with wondrous foliage in early spring, and then things go somewhat downhill from there so that by the time the interesting flowers appear in fall, the poor plant looks like its been beat up with a stick, which doesn't make for a pleasing setting for the flowers. I imagine it's primarily a matter of water (not enough, that is), since I do very little supplemental watering. I'm thinking of setting up a special spot just for some of the toad lilies; a spot that would stay wetter. Many of the toad lilies are very unforgiving of dryness; one dry, hot spell, and the foliage is trashed. I know what toad lilies need to make them happy and to grow well... the problem is, it's Seattle.
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LOLOLOL! And I hear you. I have the same experience you do with them. 'Tojen' bloomed early this year, though, so it looked pretty good by the time it got its blooms. It's my favorite.

'Lightning Strike' had great foliage but I wasn't impressed with the blooms. The others were just as you described. I do still love them, though.
Kylee...I agrre exactly; Tojen is just flat out the best (and it isn't even close), while LS always looks like crap by the end of the year (but did you know LS looks the way it does because it's infected with a virus?)
Don - No, I didn't know that about LS, but I did know about the variegated abutilon being that way because of a virus. (I have one and I love it!) There's an interesting article about it here:

Do you really think it's Eco Gold Spangles?

What do you think about T. Amanogawa?

Tricymar... I'm pretty sure, but it's a very bad picture of the flowers, when they were old and had lost the gold dusting. I love Amanogawa; the spots are so delicate!

I think that i have got T. 'Amanogawa'.
Do you think it is the good name

Thank you

Marc... I do have Amanogawa; I never thought much of the name (can't remember even how to spell it), until I found it translates to "Milky Way".
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