Monday, October 08, 2007

Tricolor Toad

As mentioned, the foliage of the different commercially selected clones of Tricyrtis affinis can be very different from each other; only the spots give them away. Perhaps the most striking is Tricyrtis affinis Tricolor, shown in spring dressed in stripes of pink and creamy white on a bright green background, sprinkled with what look like water spots. The flowers, in typical affinis fashion, are somewhat of an afterthought, being a modest terminal cluster... tellingly, I have no picture of this plant flowering.
However, if ever a plant in the lily family needed no flowers to be worth growing, this is it.
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I really enjoy the flowers, but even more than that, I like the variety of foliage that is found on another shade garden plant - pulmonaria (lungwort). So far, I have only 4 varieties... I'm not home, so I can't remember what I have. But, some of them are uniquely different from the others!
shady... note pulmonaria next to Tricyrtis Key Lime Pie in picture. I also like pulmonarias, but I'll have to admit, they kind of sit there for me... maybe too dry and hot here??
Ah. I don't know about hot because I actually am not located far from you. However, this summer was their best so far, as the plants filled out nicely and bloomed a lot (due to all the rain we had!).

We'll see about next year. And, I believe I'm not doing things quite correctly for my toad lilies... some are okay, but a couple of others have stayed rather "diminutive."
Shady... water is the big factor for toads... if they ever dry out, they about stop growing.
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