Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A Small Passion

In our garden in late fall, I can do an entire garden walk just looking at the cyclamens, for they are like snowflakes; every one is different, with leaves that can almost look too perfect to be real, especially against a backdrop of dead tree leaves on the ground. Above is Cyclamen coum, and below is hederifolium. The tiny, ethereal flowers (hederifolium blooming in fall, coum in spring) are a bonus.
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Those are beautiful plants. Just amazing. You have inspired me to begin my wish list for next year already!
Lovely foliage. I wish the cyclamen that I planted last fall & had leaves this spring had survived the summer. Maybe C.coum is not for my garden & I should try C. hederifolium.
I have the coum, but not the hederifolium. I want it now! Love it!

I always have problems photographing the blooms on my cyclamen. They're such a pale lavender with dark foliage and dark mulch in the shade. The blooms always come out way overexposed.
Shady... you can't have too many cyclamen.
MMD... they both lose their leaves in the summer, then put out new leaves in the fall; are you sure they're not still ok (go look). They do just disappear into thin air sometimes for me, too. I think some of them get dug up by squirrels).

Kylee... I have the same problem, and seldom show pictures of them in bloom (mine are usually out of focus).
Don - Same here! I think they don't LIKE to be photographed, but I think I'll go out and try again today, just for the heck of it.
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