Saturday, October 20, 2007

If I Gardened in California...

I lived in the San Francisco area for six years (three in Berkeley, three in S.F.); there is a time of year when I really wish I was back there gardening, but it's not in the middle of winter like you'd think, with the ice and snow blowing across the plains... it's now, in arguably the most beautiful time of year here in Iowa. For, when summer's heat has cooled, and fall rains soak the garden, all kinds of cool little plants like primroses put up new foliage. If my garden was in northern California, this would be the first unfolding of the new garden season. Here in Iowa it is a false spring; a prelude to death and destruction.
As a result of our brutal winters (plantus interruptus), many little plants like primroses just basically persist at best. I think our cat Sadie could sit on the largest primrose, without a single leaf showing (admittedly Sadie is rather generously proportioned; I call her a 'puddle cat' due to her configuration when laying on the floor). Nevertheless, the point stands: our winters are brutal, nasty, and uncalled for. I always thought that whole white Christmas thing was a crock, and my garden agrees.
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