Friday, October 19, 2007

Mystery Toad

I don't have a name for this toad lily... well, I do, but it's just "that really cool toad lily with the dynamite spots that's planted by the elm stump". I don't know why it bothers me so much when I lose the label to a plant. I've gone from those little thin plastic labels that invariably disappear, to wood labels, to now aluminum labels attached to a strip of plastic, mounted on a metal rod that is plunged deep in the ground... these labels will still be here years after I and the garden are both gone. But, what's the big deal anyway... I could just make up a name, and probably nobody would know the difference. So, let me introduce you to Tricyrtis 'Spotty Mystery', a very new hybrid that you'll not find in the catalogues.
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Could it be Tricyrtis Hirta "Variegata?" Mine is in a pretty shady spot... so the spots aren't quite as deep purple. I'm just posting a photo.
Shady... I know it's not variegata; the spots are bigger and smudgier in variegata, and the flowers nestle down in the axils more (mystery has pretty long flower stems). Some cold winter day I'll do a search of Tricyrtis pictures and see if I can figure it out. Variegata is a cool toadie though, isn't it?
It is cool, and it was a nice surprise to find it blooming!
Ohmygoodness! Check out this site:

It's under Better Homes and Gardens, Gardening, James Baggett, page two. I believe he has a photo (and name?) of your spotted toady! ;-)
Shady... the picture of Samurai?? That's not it either, but it's closer. I've had Samurai; it's a very small plant (half the size of a "regular" toad, and with a cream edge on the leaves. Notice I said "had", for it's one of the tender formosana hybrids or clones, and doesn't persist here. I do think my mystery toad might have some formosana blood in it.
By the way, I should mention I'm considering that it might be T. Matsukaze.
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