Thursday, October 11, 2007

Debutante Toad

Tricyrtis hirta is an elegant and graceful plant; tall, with lovely, arching foliage and nicely proportionate and well-spaced flowers. Mine-no-Yuki, a Japanese-bred hirta hybrid, is especially beautiful; pristine flowers that remind me of a white-gloved debutante, with pink anthers and a light dusting of purple spots. My plant is growing in a spot that is too shady by half, under a dogwood tree; this would give most hirta types a severe case of the flops, but Mine-no-Yuki is more sturdy and upright than its sisters, and stands tall, flowering nicely even in the gloom. Its summery white and pastel flowers glow against its dark green foliage.
If I had a Japanese garden this would be the one toad lily I'd have in it for sure.
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Hi Don,
You certainly have some lovely examples of toad lilies (but I know of very few "ugly" ones)! How many do you have dispersed through your garden? We're up to 6 now in two shady spots, but probably will keep adding to them in future years.

I'm glad you've been doing this series... not only am I seeing some I don't know, but also it's great to see someone else proselytizing for this great plant!
I'm guessing (never counted them) about thirty types.
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