Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Construction Zone

This is an area of the garden under construction; eventually a babbling stream will run downhill at the bottom of this ravine, emptying into the four acre pond that fills the bottom of our little valley, then water will be pumped back uphill. This stream has been in the "conceptual planning" stage for so long, that it's become somewhat of a joke amongst regular garden visitors. But, it's getting closer; I can almost hear the water running now... or is Liz just doing a load of laundry?
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A babbling brook! What a wonderful project. Hopefully it becomes a reality. The sound of running water is especially soothing while you're outdoors gardening. You will enjoy it!

Maybe in our not-too-distant future... If you have any good tips, after having created it, please pass them along.
Shady... well, I can give you one piece of advice right now: don't brag to all your friends about how you're going to build a beautiful, rushing stream right through your garden, then don't get started on it for years, so there's just a dismal ditch full of weeds and brush sitting there every time they come to visit.
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