Monday, September 10, 2007

What Not To Do

From time to time in this blog I make suggestions about what people ought to do. Today let me tell you what not to do: when finding a large wolf spider web while cleaning out the greenhouse, don't stick your finger in it and wiggle it to see what happens... unless you relish having a spider the size of a small cat popping out with the intention of turning your finger into a salami sandwich.
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Thanks for the advice!

Is that the spider's Eye, winking on the left side on top of the "box?" (In other words, was she "giving you the eye" as you approached her web?)
Still mad, I guess...
who in their right mind would stick their finger in a big spider's web, Don???!!!
um, well...
ACK!!! :-O
I hate those wolf spiders! Ugh!
Haha! Hope you didn't get bitten!

I've got a post up about natural spider control ;)
We have them here with leg-spans wider than my outstretched palm. I avoid them. They move really really fast, and can still surprise me unpleasantly when reaching into something dark like a bag of chicken feed.

I got bitten once, years ago by a big wolf spider when I was rock climbing and put my hand right on top of one... didn't hurt much.
Brian... that big, I'd avoid too!

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