Wednesday, September 26, 2007

What Is It You WANT?

We grow a number of hardy cyclamens, including the species coum, hederifolium, cilicium, mirabile, and purpurascens. I wouldn't say we have the perfect climate for these little plants; we're too hot and humid in the summer, and our frigid, yet sometimes snowless winters aren't overly appreciated by cyclamens either. Some of the cyclamens we've planted have thrived, some have persisted, and some have abruptly disappeared; it seems as if one minute they're there and suddenly they're not... perhaps another case of alien plant abduction (a problem that horticultural science has unaccountably NOT taken seriously).
At any rate, something else that needs an explanation, is why the cyclamens keep seeding out into our bark pathways (like the little purpurascens above), and proceed to grow twice as well there as in the flower beds that I've labored so hard to set up for them; is it better drainage, dryer soil, less competition, a different level of sun... or do they just like being stepped on?
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They probably like the bark, which protects them from extreme cold in winter and from drought in summer.
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