Sunday, September 30, 2007

Unhand That Cat!

You would think I would have caught on by now, but it seems every fall there is a day when I'm out working in the garden, and I hear what I think is our little cat P.J., meowing plaintively... so I start calling "here kitty, kitty", only to then realize it is a loon on the pond, stopping off on its migration from the northland to the Gulf Coast. I always hope our neighbors aren't laughing at me across the pond (not that it would be the first time).
I purposely don't have a picture of the loons, as they are very easily frightened off, and I don't want to bother them on their brief stopover from their long trip south. Their wild and forlorn call echoing up our quiet little valley is truly one of the real treats of spring and fall, and I am happy I heard it today... I'm also pleased the kitty is alright.

Hi – this is an invitation to join the Garden Bloggers Retro carnival. I don’t know if you’ve ever come across the concept of a Blog carnival – if not I’ve explained it in detail on my site today (Oct 1). But basically the idea is to revive an old post which you think is worth rereading, or which you think new readers might enjoy. Send me the link to the post, and in November I’ll publish a series of posts describing and linking to all the posts people have nominated.
I hope you’ll join in and we have a fun carnival!
ah, the sound of the loon. Now THERE is a bird I wish I would see more often, but I never see them. However, if you saw them on a lake this weekend, maybe I'll head around to the various waterways this week and see if I can find one or two.
Here's one I managed to snap a couple wk-ends ago while out in my canoe ... I love loons. Their call reminds me of when I was young and spent summers on the lake w/ my grandparents. They are very common where I grew up, and I consider myself lucky to have had that experience.

link to the loon
Hi Don-

I'm a native Iowan. I now live in NYC, but am coming back to get married at the end of August in 2008. It is very important to my partner and I that in our wedding plans and celebration, we take it easy on the environment. I was wondering if you could email me some possibilities of flowers and plants that are seasonal in Iowa at the end of August. The wedding will be in Dubuque.

Thanks so much-
I thoroughly enjoyed all of your contributions here. Keep it up! I live in WI now, but was born & raised in IA. I live right across the river from my hometown, so I don't really feel like I ever left. I'm pretty ignorant of the right way to garden my various flowers, but sometimes I get lucky.
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