Saturday, September 15, 2007

Global War(n)ing

We have gone from 80 degrees two days ago to a hard frost last night; the coldest temperature on record for here on this date, breaking the old record from 1929. Two of the last three years we have had freakish, devastating late spring freezes after warm early springs, and the last three years in a row we've had record setting early fall frosts (the current frost is a month early).
This would seem contradictory to the global warming predictions, but apparently it's not just that we're getting warmer, but also that the climate is becoming more unstable... in fact the current cold snap is directly due to a powerful tropical storm that plowed northward up into the Gulf of Alaska, bringing record warmth and torrential rains to coastal Alaska; this accentuated a buckling of the jet stream, pushing a large pool of cold air down on our heads.
So it was fifteen degrees warmer in Juneau, Alaska this morning than here in eastern Iowa. I'm thinking gardening may be the wrong hobby to pursue in the future... I may dust off my old stamp album.
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Isn't it a challenge, anymore?!? We were frosty this morning, too, but the damage appears to be minimal. We'll see what happens when we hit the 80's again in a day or two. The damage may show up then.
Little frost, here, too, but not enough to knock anything totally out.
Surely that picture is not Alaska??
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