Thursday, September 20, 2007

Fullness Of Autumn

In the fall, when the goldenrod and giant sunflowers seem almost to reach the blue bowl of the sky, it takes me back to childhood when the world was a bigger, wilder, and more mysterious place... but a place filled with the kindness of familiar faces and the promise of what seemed an endless, unwinding future.
As you grow older, the world becomes somewhat ghostly; crowded with memories and populated by family and friends passed. Yet, the cicadas still buzz lazily in the treetops, and the bees still hum busily in the warm afternoon sunshine, just as they did when I was a boy, and as they will for many years to come... if I close my eyes and listen, I am part of it all; and always will be.
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Hey, Don... I moved my blog from over to Do you think you could update your link on the sidebar? I would appreciate it!
The fullness of life takes recognition - a beautiful post.
Moe... I'll do it.

Me... Thanks... I appreciate it!

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