Sunday, September 16, 2007

Fireball Hibiscus: Simply The Best

All the hardy hibiscus have large and lovely flowers, but somebody has to be best, and Fireball gets my vote. It was bred by the late Fleming brothers from Nebraska; the most well known hybridizers of the giant hibiscus. Fireball is more floriferous than others in the group and seems more drought tolerant to me; it never gets watered in my garden, but every year is covered in these glowing burgundy red lanterns. One plant can light up a whole corner of the garden; it asks for nothing in return besides a fair amount of room and sun, though the plant at the top is blooming its head off in a fairly shady spot.
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I only recently realized that there were some hibiscus that survived the winter in our area. I thought they were all tropical. I planted the "Helene Althea" hibiscus bush, but I may have to get these guys. What a sight! You have so many flowers on here, I can only imagine what your garden must look like if one could get an aerial view.
Wow ... the colour! Fantastic ... :)
Moe... well, I can tell you Google earth just shows a bunch of trees, and the pond.
Olivia... it has a unique, deep, rich color.

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