Wednesday, August 15, 2007

This Is More Like It...

If I seemed a little sniffy over the naming of the hibiscus 'Old Yella', let me make amends by praising the naming of Hibiscus Fantasia. The flowers are pretty special too.
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Wow! Fantastic photo ... :)

The colour, ooh the colour!
Wow, this one is a dandy! I've not seen this one before, but it's so hard to keep up with all the new cultivars of the tropicals these days. I picked up a new one this spring called 'Erin Rachel' which despite the banal name, is anything but... it's been likened to a "giant neon froot loop" by one of my friends. But this one definitely is a contender too! Will have to keep it in mind and look for one of these!
Beautiful Photos. What a spectacular flower. As victory gardener said there are so many new gorgeous hybrids out, it's hard to limit to just a few.
happy gardening, BOB
Olivia... it's really a bright fuscia pink.

IVG... Fantasia one of the hardy hibiscus, planted in the garden.

Bob... it does seem every year there are so many more great plants to buy!
That is GORGEOUS!! I've never seen this one before.
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