Thursday, August 23, 2007

Still Lucky

Lucky the bunny, released in the deep ravine by the pond, showed up in our backyard looking fat and content. Luck is way under-rated in life... one of my Mom's favorite sayings was "You can either be good or lucky, and lucky's better." I seem to remember she was always looking right at me when she said that. Anyway, it's nice to see the bunny out and about and looking fine... he's kind of a member of the family, you know.
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You may be the only gardener I know who has invited a bunny into his garden.
(I have got to think pulling that rose out of Big Grove is much easier with all this rain we've received??!!)
Sissy... The trouble is that what I've been doing is lopping off the mf rose at the base, then painting the stumps with Roundup, and I can't do that when it's raining. Also, the steep hillsides are just too slippery. I will say this one bunny is getting treated a little special.
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