Saturday, August 18, 2007

Return Of The Toad

An American Toad (Bufo americanus) has set up its night-time spot on our front stoop, hiding under the walkway during the day; a fine place to catch bugs, but the entryway is shortly to be ripped up and replaced. I don't want Mr. Toad to be squished by the workmen, so I took him across the driveway and popped him down in the woods... the next night he was back in his old spot. I then took him around the house to the back yard... the next night he was back on the front walk.
I've given up for now, but if you see a toad out in the country hitchiking, do NOT bring him to our house.
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I've got a toad just like that hanging around my back step. I even stepped on him once, accidently, but he's okay. He hides during the day and comes out in the evening, about the time I water the container plantings on the patio, so I always give him a nice shower from the hose.

I feel lucky to have finally attracted a toad to my suburban garden!
We've got lots of toads around here and while I used to think they were gross and disgusting, now I like them. They each have their own 'spot' in the gardens where they stay.
I like the the toad also. Maybe you can relocate him to another area in the garden with light that's on at night (that well attract some food for him) and a large rock he can hide under during the day.
All the best. BOB
What a fun story! I love to find toads in my yard. Somehow it seems "friendly."
For some reason this is a record year for all manner of frogs and toads... they are everywhere!
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