Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Pearl Crescent

The pearl crescent butterfly is one of our commoner midwest meadow butterflies. I believe this is a male; the females are yellower, especially with a yellow spot at the leading edge of the forewing, and the knobs on the ends of the antennae of the male are black. The lovely feature of this species is the pearly marking, which is on the outside of the wings and, alas, not shown in my picture... you'll have to go out and find your own pearl crescent to look at.
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What a nice shot you are sharing with us!
Thank you for posting butterfly pictures and explaining about them.
I like the size of your pictures and the fact that you're not writing too much.
It's just right!
Pearl crescent -- now that is a great name for a beautiful butterfly ... :)
Alas, I wouldn't know a pearl crescent if it knocked on my front door.
That is why I read your blog. Every day, something new!!
How timely! I just yesterday finally got around to taking some photos of a Pearl Crescent. I didn't realize how small they are.
Stopping by from Garden Voices....Beautiful photo of a lovely butterfly!
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