Monday, August 13, 2007

Old Pinky???

This is hardy Hibiscus 'Old Yella'. It is supposedly named such because it has pale yellow flowers. I grant you, its buds are slightly creamy, but for me the flowers open white with a pink wash... Old Pinky? Regardless, it is a lovely thing, with what seems to be rather heavy substance for a hibiscus almost a foot across. I have it blooming right next to Hibiscus 'Fireball'... I guess subtlety is not my strong suit.
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I have never seen that variety mentioned, nor have I ever seen a true yellow hibiscus (or I would have it!).

I bought what appears to be this same cultivar a few years ago precisely because the buds looked yellow (fooled me!), only to reveal what's a pretty, but rather standard variation on 'Disco Belle.' Still, any hibiscus is a wonderful addition to the garden and you can never have too many!
I read that this hibiscus is hardy to zones 4 to 9. Do you do anything special to maintain it over the winter? I would be tempted to try this tropical-looking beauty.
IVG... I think we're a long ways from a true yellow, if Old Yella is any indication, but they're all still nice.

gardenista... I used to grow these in zone 4 with no protection (and that was back when it was a lot colder).

I was just down in Texas to get married and there was a fantastic Hibiscus like this growing up around 7 feet tall. I wanted one right then and there.

What a great flower! I don't know too much about Hibiscus but it's serendipitous that a stumbled upon this post.

Patrick -
Hello Don - I'm enjoying all your hibiscus posts, but this sure is not yellow! Wouldn't Benny Hill have called it 'Old One Eye'?

I like my plain white 'Blue River II' hardy type, but sometimes think I'd like the temporary ownership of a beautiful yellow tropical hibiscus.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose
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