Friday, August 24, 2007

New To The Neighborhood

This fawn showed up at our back door yesterday; it's awfully young to be on its own, and I don't know what happened to its mom. With nobody to protect him, he's getting pushed around some by the other deer, who kick out at him. An ear of sweet corn, and getting called 'Sweetheart' made it better.
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Oh, boy. I see a petting zoo coming!!
Ahhhhh ... Sweetheart is right!
He's very cute, it's nice he has an advocate, and "Sweetheart" will love it at YOUR house. I'm not extending an invitation, however. ;-)
What a sweet, gentle looking creature he is! Can we keep him? Please... he won't eat too much, promise!

Carol at May Dreams Gardens
Sissy... the deer are getting so tame that I suspect I could scratch their ears a little.

Olivia... cute, huh?

Shady... you don't have room for one more deer?

Carol... he'll stay, but I don't believe that not eating much stuff; he made the ear of sweet corn disappear in about four seconds.

I know I shouldn't say too much, as my neighbors seem to see them! But... knock, knock (on my wooden head)... so far they haven't been by to munch my hostas, etc.
Oh, what a beauty he is! I could just look and look at him. Do you think he'll hang around?
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