Wednesday, August 08, 2007

A Lesser Stink

Late summer is host to many delightful floral displays in our garden, and a few stinkers... this is Mutinus caninus, the dog stinkhorn. We normally have lots of Ravenel's stinkhorns coming up, which are larger and much more impressively stinky. This year, for some inexplicable reason related to weather or something more obscure, we have dog stinkhorns; more colorful but more modest and distinctly less stinky... I still won't be cutting them for a bouquet.
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This looks absolutely revolting! I've never seen anything like that before and hope they don't grow in my yard! Then again, I have some fungus problem in the trees that looks like dog poop dangling in the trees. Yechhh!
Ooh ... Like Moe over at Midwestern Wildnerness ... I've never see one of these -- or smelled ... :)
Modest!!!! That looks too much like a man's privates to be called modest.
Gardenista... Oof! I'll take stinkhorns over dog poop in the treetops.

Olivia... yes, I see where Moe (who's just down the road to the east) has dog stinkhorns too; it must be something in the weather this year.

Kathy... well, modest by my own comparison.

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