Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Cloudless Sulfur

Sulfurs are quite common in the fields and meadows in late summer. This is the cloudless sulfur; probably a female, due to its whitish yellow coloration and dark edge on the rear of the wings... cloudless sulfurs range from almost white to rich yellow to greenish yellow... all as cheerful as little sunbeams floating across our prairie landscape.
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I've seen these, their are very sweet. I love your description. I'm really enjoying your butterfly pictures. Thank you for sharing them.
All the best, BOB
And I've always called them Clouded Sulphurs.

They are beautiful. I chased one around a bit last weekend, but didn't get close enough for a photo!
Thanks, Bob... I enjoy your blog also.

Shady... the clouded sulphur has a dark (cloudy) cast to the edge of the wing (hard to see with the wings closed).
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Thanks for the opportunity for a learning experience! I searched a couple of sites and found the difference is also in the markings on the outer wings (when their wings are closed).
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