Monday, August 27, 2007

Butterflies Of Big Grove

There is a meadow in the middle of the nature preserve I work on, and this time of year it's filled with butterflies softly flitting through the warm sunshine, with the buzz of cicadas in the surrounding trees adding to this timeless, dreamy scene in late August in Iowa.
This is the great spangled fritillary, one of the loveliest of our native butterflies.
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They were also in our "neck of the woods." Actually, in the area that is both at the edge of the woodlands and the edge of the prairie... on thistles.

You got closer to these beauties than I did, however! I surely did enjoy trying, though. And it resulted in a satisfactory photo. :-)
Shady... thistles are sure their favorite.
I Love butterflies.
and birds.
and about anything you can find outdoors... except maybe ticks, mosquitos and chiggers.
What great shots of these butterflies. We don't have these in my neck of the woods. Wish we did.
As always you have some wonderful photography.
Happy gardening, BOB
These butterfly photos are lovely Don. Nicely captured.
I love your butterfly and spider web photos. My butterflies are rather hyperactive, and don't stop to allow me to snap them!
Shady, Bob, Olivia, and Nicole... Thanks for all your comments.
Taking pictures of butterflies is quite "interesting". Thank God for digital cameras... otherwise I'd be broke!
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