Saturday, July 07, 2007

Yah, A Cat On A Chair...

I was just musing when answering some comments from readers, that I'm at the stage with our garden where I don't really need any more plants (some would say I actually passed that point about June, 1997). Anyway, instead of working to add more garden, perhaps what I should do is to go back to the space that we already have with a fresh eye, as if I was seeing it for the very first time and see whether I couldn't modify some of the garden rooms and paths to make them more interesting or pleasing, or perhaps think about adding some additional decoration... I loved the above cat on a chair atop a ten foot tall post that we saw in Kensington Market in Toronto, though that might be a little strong for our woodland garden.
On the other hand, I've learned to run for the hills when I see Liz standing in the middle of one of the rooms in our house with a faraway look on her face... I know it is going to lead to a massive reshuffling of furniture and a lot of work (why such a tiny gal has a fondness for such huge furniture that looks like it was made for giants is one of the on-going mysteries of our marriage). Maybe before surveying the garden, I'll just go for a nice, long walk in the woods.
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