Sunday, July 15, 2007

Whose Berries Are These?

When you have a woodland garden, with all manner of plants growing higgeldy-piggeldy, you start getting lots of seedlings popping up; some native, some from faraway lands, and some interesting... weeds. Knowing the genus, let alone the species of these little plants is often a guess.
Take the above innocent looking little interloper; a stiff three inch tall stalk covered in tiny green berries. I draw a blank on it, but it stirs a vague memory of having seen it before and that it turned out to not be a prized addition to the garden... but, I'm not sure. If I pull it, only to find out later that it is from a rare Shonsu pitcher plant that only goes to seed every ten years, then dies, I'll be quite toasted. On the other hand, if I let it go to seed, I may come out next spring to find fifty hulking spotted stinkweeds taking over my flower bed. Hmmm.
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Tough quandary. If it were me I would pull it and not look back. My experience has been it is most likely Stinkweed type of plant.
Perhaps an Allium tricoccum (Ramps) seed head. See image from the RampFarm.

Ramp Farm image
Sorry for the bad link. Try this one.

Ramp Farm image
Digital... you're braver than me.

Ki... wow; that really looks close. I'm not sure we have ramps around here, but I'll look into it.
Could it be wild garlic? The stem looks like it might be fuzzy, in which case, it would not be wild garlic.
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