Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Pals At Last

When Sadie, our older grey tabby cat lost her sister to feline infectious peritonitis, we decided a new little playmate was in order so we got P.J., a small tabbie and white cat... well, Sadie took one look at the new little cat, hissed, and disappeared for two weeks. Gradually however, Sadie seems to have completely accepted the new arrival... well, almost.
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Sweet picture, I'm sure they will grow to love one another, especially when you're not watching.
Gosh, for a minute there, I thought
'the first time I read Don's blog in months, the other cat dies'???!!
Have a great summer!
Marie... sadie is actually a big softie, but doesn't want you to know it.
Sissy... Hah! No, nobody else has died around here.
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