Monday, July 09, 2007

Lily Conca d' Or

It is as inevitable as summer heat, that every July on this blog I will start up a continuing chorus of praise for Orienpet lilies... rather like an annoying frog croaking all day long on his lily pad.
Well, it's July, and this is Orienpet lily Conca d' Or. I don't want to put this too strongly, but in my opinion this is hands down the finest lily to ever see the light of day. Five feet tall, it's stem is sturdy enough to stand upright without staking in spite of displaying massive flowers with petals so thick they feel cast from a mold rather than grown. It posesses an intensely sweet perfume, and the colors (lemon yellow fading to creamy white at the petal tips) are crisp and bright.
You may not think you need this lily in your garden, but you do, you do... ribbit ribbit ribbit.
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I would love one in my garden. Beautiful flower!
Do you happen to have 'Orania' as well? I wonder how it compares to Conca d'Or. 'Orania' is the first Orienpet I've tried, and if it's representative of the whole class, then I definitely have to try more of them.
Moe... you might want to look to add it to your garden... it just gets better every year.
Entangled... I do have Orania, and it is spectacular... seven foot tall, with up to a dozen sort of soft honey yellow flowers; mine is at the back of a flower bed and people look at it and go "Gosh"!
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