Friday, July 13, 2007

I Love Paris In The Summer

It's time for my sort-of-annual paean to Paris polyphylla; as odd a little plant as ever came down the garden path. It's an Asian cousin to our North American trilliums, and the flower is sort of like... well, you can see what it's like. In our garden, Paris polyphylla never gets any bigger, it never gets any smaller; it just kind of sits there looking aloofly unusual. But, then it comes from kind of an unusual genus; I have a couple of other species of Paris in the garden and they are all pretty unique... not something you'd put in a garden bouquet for Sunday brunch, but interesting to grow in the woodland garden. A lot of plants from other parts of the world look right at home here in the land of corn and pork, but there's no doubt that Paris is a visitor from afar.
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Btw ... I love this flower ... I keep coming back for a peek ... :)
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