Thursday, July 26, 2007

Garden Suggestion

Even the most lackadaisical reader of this blog will have noted that I am a big fan of fragrant flowers, which can loft their perfume through the garden. My strongest suggestion for other gardeners is to position such plants at high points in the garden so that their fragrance flows downhill like a river, and hits you in the face as you walk through the shady ravines and other low spots... now, if your garden is flat as a pancake, I guess this advice isn't worth much, but this could be remedied with ten or fifteen truckloads of topsoil.
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Another gorgeous photo/flower!
Who is gonna spread this 15 loads of dirt :).

But you are correct that fragrance flows downward, I notice scents when sitting on my little garden cart pulling weeds, this past week I noticed a day lily that I did not even know had a scent.

Beautiful photo.
Thanks, Nicole!

IGW... Well, I thought I was just more of the visionary on this garden mountain thing... i hadn't planned on doing any of the work.
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