Thursday, July 05, 2007

Garden Mystery

Mystery must be one of the more difficult things to achieve in the garden (well, sometimes it's not so hard... like, how did I lose a three foot long pair of brush loppers with bright yellow handles). The difficult to achieve garden mystery I'm talking about, though, is where a visitor is presented with a garden setting that is enticing by virtue of puzzlement or partial concealment... in the above picture, the walker encounters a pathway that winds up a slight hill and out of sight, drawing you along the path to see what lies ahead. I cannot begin to convey the pleasure I receive from having a first time garden visitor lose their way in our garden... I must drag out my plans for a one way garden gate.
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Very lovely meandering path something I hope to achieve when I finally get around to building a flagstone walkway around the house. You have created a botanical garden. It must be a wonder to see all the different kinds of plants along the path.
Hi, stopping by from Garden Voices. I love the look of your winding path and the wooded setting...Nice work!
One-way, huh.

"Guests check in, they don't check out!"
Your path is simply lovely...

"Hotel Iowa"...
Thanks for all the comments. I'm at the phase in my gardening where I don't really need to plant much more stuff, and I should work on fine tuning some of the pathways, steps, and bridges to make them more visually appealing/interesting.
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