Saturday, June 23, 2007

Tough Subjects

A reader notes that Solomon's seals are tough subjects to photograph, and that's a fact... especially in weather like we've had this year, where everything is soggy mud. It's not very conducive to flopping down on the ground and pointing your camera up in the air. The top plant came to me without a label, but I think it's Polygonatum multiflorum, and at bottom is P. odoratum 'variegatum'.
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I agree, they are tricky. This was my attempt at capturing them: LINK.

Some plants are decidedly more photogenic ... :) The other type of flower I have problems taking photos of are lilies.
Olivia... well, you certainly did a LOT better than me... very nice, clear picture. Have you got the mud off your jeans yet?
lol ... the knees of my jeans do take a beating ... :)
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